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I am missionary Danna serving in Togo

Oh, my precious friends and family, thank you so much for joining us on such an incredible journey in our lives! The past year has been…WOW! God has really showed me what life is like when you allow Him to write your story! How did I live before I knew Him? Yuck, I did not do it very well at all! He knows the perfect plan He has for us and there is no greater joy in listening and being obedient when you hear Him call! By His sweet Grace and loving Mercy, He allowed us to travel to Togo, West Africa twice last year and now He is opening the door to go back this September for 6 months and possibly 2 or more years after that! We will live in Lomé, Togo for this time and work with the Hope Commission International team in the children’s discipleship programs, summer camp, and after school outreach and so many more ministry opportunities. Also, we will prayerfully, begin construction of the Hope Children’s House, where we can host the children’s clubs, after school programs, mentoring programs, women’s ministries, youth ministries, house short term mission teams, and eventually church services on Sundays!

Oh I am so thrilled and so full of Joy to get back to Togo and see what all God will use us for there! Over the past few months, in waiting on the Lord (it is so hard to do!) He has been growing me and helping me to see clearly the plans He has for this Return to Togo. This is not about me or you, it is about His great Purpose and His great Plan for all of His children! I was recently in a bible study entitled “ What Love is” by Kelly Minter ( boy God puts us right where He wants us! ) It was about our relationship with God and John’s letters, so sweetly written about loving one another and our obedience is how we show our love to our Father. Being a full time missionary means completely and totally putting our faith and complete trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Completely trusting Him for every little thing and knowing that He will provide all we need.

In His will is truly the safest place we can be. 3 John 1: 5-8, John talks about helping our brothers and sisters in working together in truth. John encourages us to show hospitality and support for those laboring in the gospel. Kelly Minter said it this way: “We can still support those on the front lines of sharing the good news of Jesus at home or abroad. We can offer a room in our homes to visiting missionaries, give monthly support, commit to pray, take a short term mission trip, and take your pastor out to dinner. Some are called to go and some are called to stay, but if you are called to stay you’re also called to help support those who go. We’re a Team.”

We are so excited to see who will join us in this Return to Togo and are amazed at all that God is going to do here and in Togo! My greatest prayer is that through this journey, The Lord will use us to change many lives, to turn the lost back to Him and His will for their lives. That the children of Togo will grow into strong and Mighty Leaders to Disciple the Nations as God has called us to do! I would be honored if you would partner with Jackson and I on this long term mission in Togo! Our needs are as follows:

Missionary Danna Crowe

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